Husband And Wife Leave Corporate America For Real Estate w/ [Anam and Aamir]

Husband And Wife Leave Corporate America For Real Estate w/ [Anam and Aamir]

Today I’m talking to Anam and Aamir – a power couple who achieved millionaire status before the age of 30 while juggling full-time jobs. Shortly after being awarded the prestigious “40 under 40” award, Anam resigned from her executive position to jump into real estate. Since then, Anam and Aamir have rapidly scaled to an impressive 65 units, crushing it with the BRRRR method. But their journey didn’t begin with an overnight success story. It started with months of research to build a solid foundation of knowledge. Don’t miss this captivating episode where Anam and Aamir show you that with determination, a willingness to learn, and the right mindset, you too can achieve extraordinary results in the world of real estate.

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