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Jaren Sustar is a husband, father of four, real estate investor, & the founder of Finance Cowboy. He grew up in the small town of Anderson, SC where his father was the pastor of a church he planted when Jaren was just 7. Being a pastor’s son, Jaren didn’t exactly come from money, but had a strong work ethic instilled in him at a young age by his parents. Sports, especially baseball, were Jaren’s life as a young boy and teen, and he attributes much of his success in business to the experiences he gained through athletics. He played Division 1 baseball for Charleston Southern University where he was the team captain his junior and senior seasons, as well as an All-Conference player in the Big South. After college, he landed a job at Cintas making $45,000 a year driving a box truck, delivering clean uniforms, picking up dirty uniforms, and changing floor mats and urinal cakes. He realized quickly that he wanted more for his life and the $45,000 a year driving a box truck wasn’t going to cut it. He needed a career where his income potential was unlimited, and that’s when he landed on sales. Jaren dove headfirst into pharmaceutical sales in 2014 before transitioning into medical device sales in 2016. He scaled his income substantially from the $45,000 a year he was making at Cintas, and worked diligently for five years to pay off student loans and other consumer debt he accumulated in his early twenties. When he finally got his finances cleaned up in 2018, he knew what he had to do if he didn’t want to be stuck in the rat race his entire life: buy real estate. Jaren bought his first rental property in Greenville, SC in May of 2018 for $68,000. By April of 2021, he had scaled to 22 properties, had cash flow that covered his living expenses, and a net worth well over $1m dollars, and he was only 29 years old. Jaren continued to add properties to his portfolio, as well as fix and flip properties for profits, which ultimately led him to becoming a multi-millionaire by 30- all while continuing to work a full-time job and raising his large family. Jaren uses the Finance Cowboy brand to share his knowledge and experience through content & coaching so that millions of others can experience the same freedom that he and his family have.


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