The Rental Academy

The most comprehensive program for finding, funding, analyzing, managing, and scaling your rental portfolio.

The newly updated Rental Academy is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to buy your first property like a pro — but how to scale your portfolio (with other people’s money) and grow it into a multi-million dollar empire.

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Rental Academy Is Officially OPEN for Enrollment 🤠

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Before I tell you all about this program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

The Rental Academy is for people who want more in life. You have no shortage of ambition but you are tired of being stuck in the rat race and are ready to start acquiring assets that allow you to live your life by YOUR design, make a whole bunch of money, and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Whether you’re…

  • A novice investor with a few rental properties who’s reached a very real ceiling that knows scaling your portfolio is your ticket to creating time freedom, building lasting wealth, and diversifying your streams of income.
  • A brand new investor who hasn’t yet bought their first property but is tired of sitting on the sidelines and is ready to start their journey to freedom.
  • A real estate wholesaler or house flipper who is ready to start building true life-changing wealth through “buy and hold” rentals.

You’re in the right place!

The rental academy will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to starting and scaling a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

And I’ll prove it! (Keep scrolling 🤠)

Who is this for?

By the end of this program you will have…


Nailed down your target market

whether that be local to you, or across the country, based on data, returns on investment, and relationships you have built.


Built an all-star team

that makes bringing in leads, the buying process, rehab, & property management a cake walk


Analyzed properties with coaches

before ever buying a single rental so that you can feel confident pulling the trigger on a great deal when you see one.


Developed strong relationships with private lenders

and small banks so that you can fund all of your deals using little to none of your own money.


Developed a hands-off rehab strategy

that makes rehabbing homes easy, even if you don’t know how to swing a hammer.


Crafted your property management plan

that allows you to scale with ease (and without you getting calls from tenants all of the time)

residential neighborhood

But above all else…

The Rental Academy will give you the confidence to finally build consistent, life-changing wealth and make the leap from trading time for money to giving yourself the freedom to choose what your life looks like.

I'm In!

Why Rental Academy?

You only want to do this learning real estate thing once..And you want to knock it out of the park the first time.

So don’t settle for anything less than the best!

The Rental Academy

  • 7+ years of real estate experience
  • Direct Access to Jaren & his team during the 10 weeks
  • Lifetime access to ALL future updates of core program
  • Step by step, roadmap style teaching
  • Long term rentals, short term rentals, and fix & flips
  • FULL money-back guarantee
  • Resource and Tech library with guides, templates, contracts, software, lenders, & more!

Wondering if this really works? Our students will tell ya all about it!

Here’s what you get when you enroll during this limited time period:

15 Implementation Modules

showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to start building a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

10 weekly Q&A calls with Jaren

his team, and some of the brightest minds in real estate on planet Earth!

Next level guides, tools, contracts, & tech partners

to make your investment experience as smooth as possible.

My personal, complete step-by-step buying formula

showing you how to acquire real estate with other people’s money so that you can get infinite return on investments.
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Rental Academy Is Officially OPEN for Enrollment 🤠

4 Monthly Payments of

Enroll + Pay Monthly

A One-Time Payment of

Pay in Full + Save

A sneak peek of your 10 week course

*Each week there will be a live call with Jaren

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you- I know exactly where most students get stuck in the real estate buying process. In the first module, we are going to nail down WHY investing in real estate is the best thing we could ever do for ourselves, for now and later.

Second, we’ll talk about the different types of real estate. I know when I am learning something new, I can get what I call “spaghetti brain” to where it’s hard for me to choose what to focus on because there are so many different moving parts. I am going to eliminate that for you and help you understand and choose the type of real estate to invest in that’s best for YOU!

Week 1 Highlights:

  • The power of the 6 pillars of real estate and how they will change your life
  • What investing can do for us now AND later
  • Nail down the type of real estate you want to invest in
  • Which type of real estate I like best for beginners

You will only be as successful as those you surround yourself with- and this is especially true in real estate.  It’s impossible to achieve our dream life through investing in real estate without having a team of studs around us.

The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, it can be quite fun and often leads to lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships.

We’re going to show you exactly how to build that team out!

Week 2 Highlights:

  • Who you need on your team and why
  • Where to find each team member and validate if they will be a good fit for you
  • The process of nurturing the relationships and setting expectations

It doesn’t matter if we know how to analyze, fund, and manage deals if we don’t know where to look to find them, right?? Week three is going to be all about nailing down exactly where to mine the gems that are going to lead to your dream life as well as putting together a game plan to generate leads once we’ve nailed down the locations.

You will walk away from week three with total clarity on which cities, towns, and neighborhoods you need to focus in on and how get deals coming your way!

Week 3 Highlights:

  • Understanding the different property “classes” and which one’s to buy in
  • The art of choosing a city/town to invest in
  • Narrow down your target areas to manageable sized “neighborhoods” that you can farm
  • Specific gameplan to generate leads from sellers for our ideal properties
  • The list of resources needed to generate the leads you need to close deals

“Real estate is too expensive where I live”… If i’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. Want to know how to overcome that problem?? BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

You’re probably thinking, “yeah, if only it was that easy.”  Lucky for you, it will be once you complete Week 4 in the Rental Academy 🙂

Week 4 Highlights:

  • How to choose a market to invest in that is not close to you, and feel confident about your decision
  • Map out & assemble your entire “boots on the ground” team so you can attack the new market with ease
  • Nail down specific target areas to farm
  • The proven strategies for managing your rentals from long-distance
  • The states where I personally recommend investing in

This is such an action packed, information filled week that I honestly feel as though you will have received so much value by the end of it that you will feel like this one week by itself has more than covered your cost of admission into the Rental Academy.

By this point in the process, you will know how to generate leads. But what separates the bad investors from the great investors is that great investors know how to underwrite properties and do due diligence the correct way. They look at the data, keep emotions out of the picture, and let the numbers speak for themselves.

By the end of week five, you will be able to analyze a property like a pro and conclude if it’s a good deal that you should pursue, or if you should walk away.

Week 5 Highlights:

  • The exact metrics to look for when gathering your numbers to analyze a deal and where to find them
  • Real life lessons & examples of analyzing rentals using the Rental Property Calculator (you get for free) that will tell us if a deal is good or not
  • Tips and tricks to help you decide immediately if you should pursue a property further or not
  • Walk away knowing exactly what constitutes a good deal and why

Talk about an action packed week!!! This has to be one of my most favorite sessions of the entire program because this is where we learn to actually seal the deal on these properties that we’ve found and analyzed.

Gone are the days of you not being sure how to make an offer and what to include with it, how to obtain funding, and what’s needed to close. We are going to dispel all of the myths, and have you showing up to the closing table like a pro.

You’re going to walk away from week six knowing how to fund any deal you come across- and how to do it with our without using your OWN money.

Week 6 Highlights:

  • How to make a compelling offer that gives you the best chance of getting it accepted
  • Funding strategies that don’t affect your personal debt to income ratio so you can scale BIG
  • The power of buying real estate using other people’s money and how to do it effectively
  • Confidence on what they are & how to structure any and all types of lending to get a deal done
  • Where to find private money fund your deals
  • Exactly what needs to be done before closing to ensure a smooth process to the closing table

I personally spend less than one hour per week managing my existing portfolio. I did not get into real estate to create more work for myself, but instead to give myself freedom to live my life by design.

To do this, it’s imperative to develop a strategy for how you are going to manage your properties, and then implement that strategy seamlessly. Whether you want to hand your properties over to a management company, or take on the task of managing them yourself, week 7 will get ya ready to go manage like a boss!

Week 7 Highlights:

  • Weighing the options to make the decision to use a management company or manage yourself
  • How to find the property management company of your dreams
  • Lessons for landing good tenants on the front end to save yourself from headache no the back end
  • Understanding how to manage the maintenance and repair process effectively so you don’t receive the infamous 2am backed up toilet call
  • Step-by-step formula for what to do if crap hits the fan and you have a terrible tenant that needs to go

Beginning with the end in mind only allows us to make more calculated decisions throughout the journey. If you know what the end goal is you are trying to achieve, it is going to be easy for you to know what choices you should and shouldn’t make when it comes to buying real estate. The crazy thing about us humans is that often times are goals and desires can change, so it’s a good idea to have multiple exit strategies for when that day comes. I’m going to help you with that.

Another important thing to think about when investing in real estate is how are you going to preserve the wealth you’ve built once you’re gone? Real estate is going to make you wealthy- no if, and’s, or but’s about it. So what are you going to do to make sure that the second generation after you doesn’t lose it all? What choices are you going to make today so that the wealth you’ve built doesn’t cause division between your children or other beneficiaries?

Legacy is real. It’s our job to decide what ours is going to be and week 8 is going to help you with that.

Week 8 Highlights:

  • Key decisions to help you choose if you will keep your properties forever or if you will sell them
  • My favorite strategy for selling your properties without paying any taxes
  • How to offload a portfolio with a minimal tax bill
  • Prepare your family to inherit the wealth that you’ve built and expand upon it without destroying relationships

Ahhh, if you haven’t heard the buzz about Airbnb’s over the past few years, you must have been living in a cave on a remote island… and even then somebody was probably renting the cave out to you. Just kidding just kidding. But in all seriousness, Airbnb’s have definitely exploded onto the scene recently with everybody and their brother getting into the short term game.

Although they have definitely been romanticized quite a bit and it isn’t ALL glammer when owning an Airbnb, they can 100% be a fantastic investment that can add serious cash flow to your portfolio. I bought my first one in 2019 and my second one just two years later in 2021, and am looking to add two more to the portfolio this year. I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly and am going to share it ALL with you so that you can buy great short term rentals that will make you a lot of money.

Week 9 Highlights:

  • Key differences between short term rentals & long term rentals so that you can decide if short term rentals are for you
  • Nail down who needs to be on your team and how we find them
  • Where to buy Airbnb’s
  • How to manage like a Superhost and rake in 5-star reviews from every guest
  • Automate your way to freedom with your Airbnb’s
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to list your property on Airbnb to get the most bookings

Whether you think you want to flip houses right now or not, you will eventually be in a situation where a home needs rehab and this week is going to teach you ALL about that!

Not only will you learn all about fixing and flipping homes for a profit and all that goes into that, but you will also learn how to manage rehabs that correlates into fixing up rental properties as well. Week 10 is action packed with valuable information that is going to help you make A LOT of money through house flipping if you want to generate active income, and save you a lot of headache by teaching you the ropes of managing contractors and rehabs.

Week 10 Highlights:

  • Flipping vs Rentals- How to choose between the two
  • All the secrets on how to find and analyze fix and flips so that you can ensure you make a hefty profit on each deal
  • How to find & manage contractors so that your projects stay on schedule while spending the least amount of money
  • Tips for getting your fix and flip sold FAST
  • Breakdown of how you are affected by taxes when you do a fix and flip versus keeping a home as a rental property
I'm Ready!

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Gain Unstoppable Momentum!

neighborhood drone shot
  1. 10 weeks of direct access to Jaren & Team via phone & email in addition to the weekly coaching calls. ($4,997 value)
  2. Bonus calls every month with leading industry experts in different areas of real estate- Taxes, AirBNB, Construction, Insurance, and More!! ($1,997 value)
  3. 10 weeks inside the Rental Academy Facebook Community for Members Only ($997 value)
  4. Complimentary LLC formation from our partners at Prime Corporate Services ($799 value)
  5. Personalized help analyzing real estate deals ($499 value)
  6. Access to the Rental Academy coaching vault to access any previous coaching session we’ve EVER had ($199 value)

Plus you’ll be backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

If this was 2017 and it was me considering whether to invest nearly $2,000 in my brand new real estate investing business- my scrolling fingers would race to this part of the page.

I got you!

You’re not afraid to invest in your future as long as it’s a wise one.. With plenty of ROI to show for it. (Sooner rather than later)

So here’s why you can place your confidence in a money-back guarantee and set any enrollment nerves aside.

By the end of 14 days, you’ll have received access to the first 3 modules of The Rental Academy.

Meaning you’ll have had the opportunity to validate your decision and be on multiple Q&A calls BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t totally feel confident and motivated by your progress and ability to invest in real estate like a pro 14 days after the day the first module is released, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment. (Full details here)

If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

You should give the Rental Academy a 14-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:


You want financial and time freedom. BADLY.

Whether it’s a super demanding W2 job, or being fully dependent on your small business, you’re fully aware that you don’t have the time, location, or financial freedom you TRULY need to feel fulfilled. More importantly, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your life flirting with burnout while chanting the mantra of “I don’t have time” every time something fun and exciting pops up.


You’re not afraid of putting in the work.

By now, you fully understand that when it comes to investing in real estate, the barriers to success are high. This doesn’t scare you. It lights you up. You appreciate that this barrier to success also serves as your biggest competitive advantage against the dabblers and those without a COMPLETE, step-by-step implementation plan. But above all else, you’re ready, willing, and excited to roll up your sleeves and get to work!


You realize there is no “perfect time” and waiting around isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

That doesn’t mean you still don’t have some jitter when you think about pressing the buy button below and investing in your incredibly promising future. But it does mean you’re fully aware that you’re at a crossroads- a crossroads of either “One Day” or “Day One” and only YOU can decide. For what it’s worth if there ever was a “right time”, it would be now.

Real Estate Isn’t Magic…

But it is a powerful tool that allows you to scale your income and net worth to create your dream life.

Without falling into the all-too-common trap of trading time for money.

Whether your heart is set on scaling a real estate portfolio quickly that will free you from your current work situation as soon as possible…

Or whether real estate could supplement your existing lifestyle through passive cash flow and continue growing over time to set you up nicely to pay for kids’ college expenses & retirement…

A real estate portfolio can unlock otherwise untouchable levels of wealth, control, and flexibility in your life.

(Okay, maybe that does feel a bit like magic)

But here’s the inside scoop…

Not a single real estate investor in the history of real estate investing has shown up to the starting line feeling 100% confident they have this thing figured out.

Very few people feel like “experts.”

Just about everyone asks, “Am I ready to do this? Will this work out well for me? Is it worth taking the risking?”

Friend, I created the Rental Academy to slowly but surely replace those doubts with data-backed, real life action.

Because here’s another little secret.

It’s not the smartest, most talented, math wiz that go on to build life-changing real estate portfolios.

It’s the one’s willing to try, fail, get back up, and keep going because they’re committed to build a life based on what they value most.

Over 7 billion people live on planet earth, all of them need a place to live, and they ain’t making any more land.

That means starting your real estate journey- right now- is a REALLY good idea.

Your future tenants are googling for a place to rent RIGHT NOW, and they need you go be ready to provide them with quality housing.

It’s your time.

I can’t wait to meet you, teach you, and cheer you on inside the Rental Academy.

See you soon,


Let’s go make your dreams come true!

Rental Academy Is Officially OPEN for Enrollment 🤠

4 Monthly Payments of

Enroll + Pay Monthly

A One-Time Payment of

Pay in Full + Save

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Keep in mind that this is a small group coaching format and it’s not 1-on-1, but you will be on a call with Jaren every week for 10 weeks, in the private Facebook group with he and his team, & have access to Jaren via email & phone for the duration of the course.

Yes! You can access any calls you can’t attend for the duration of the course, and you will have an opportunity to submit your questions for the call beforehand in case you can’t make it live.

This is up to you! Jaren teaches a method that is proven & works. If you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results.

There is no one set answer to this question. In fact, it’s almost impossible to answer because every Academy student starts from a different place and has their own unique circumstances. With that being said, Jaren encourages his students to try to schedule an hour per week watching the lessons, another hour for the live calls, and another 2-3 hours putting what they learn into action.

Once you’ve joined The Rental Academy, you’ll invited to test things out for 14 days and work through the first few modules, action items, and live calls before making a final decision. If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your strategy to start building your portfolio (and your ability to execute it like a pro), simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and you’ll be eligible for a full refund. (Terms & Conditions Here).

We say that the course is a “live” experience, which means that the content is slowly dripped over 10 weeks. Over those 10 weeks, 15 modules will be dripped, with live calls weekly to discuss & answer questions regarding them, and help you take action from them.

The general principles of real estate investing can be applied throughout the world. We have multiple students who are from outside of the US and are crushing it! With that being said, we do not specialize in real estate laws, rules, and regulations in other countries.

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs and the educational value they provide. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. When we present revenue and sales figures on our website and our other channels, we are showcasing exceptional results, which do not reflect the average experience. You should not rely on any revenue, sales, or earnings information we present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of success or earnings. Your results will be determined by a number of factors over which we have no control, such as your financial condition, experiences, skills, level of effort, education, and changes within the market. Investing in real estate carries risks, and your use of any information contained on this website is at your own risk. Subject to our Refund Policy, we provide content without any express or implied warranties. By continuing to use our site and access our content, you agree that we are not responsible for any decision you may make regarding any information presented or as a result of purchasing any of our products or services. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request.

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